Neurodiversity is key – Vision

Enlightened Audio, LLC is an innovative music education concept working to make music available to all students, no matter their geographic location or their disability.  Every human should have access to the the tools and teachers to bring the experience of music education to their hearts. Neurodoversity is the key to building a pedagogy that truly embraces the idea that any child can learn to play music.  I have spent so much time watching people dumb down the joy of music, frustrating the student.  We have to step outside the traditions of music instruction, and bend the rules. Presuming competence is at the heart of Enlightened Audio. I believe every student is capable of learning music, and so I teach, and re-teach, break rules, and turn ideas upside down until the student makes progress.  It is hard work, for both the student and me, but it is wildly rewarding. Watching students grasp a concept gives me unending joy.  But I can’t personally visit every student in the world.  So, I thought about making my ideas more accessible to more people by using the internet to teach.  

Note4Note – Mission

The Note4Note is a program that provides free instruction and instruments for students in need. Generous donations from people like you in combination with 5% of every dollar earned through Enlightened Audio fuels the Stefanie Graef Scholarship, an award that covers 12 months of free private and group instruction. In addition, Note4Note also provides a free instrument, strings, and accessories to accompany the scholarship so the student has the highest chance of success.

Our mission is to grow Note4Note so that all aspects of a students music education needs are met. This means providing computers, webcams, and internet service with community accessible learning pods. The dream is big and we are just getting started.

Eco-friendly Initiative – A Note from the Founder

I am very serious about running a business that enhances humanity. I run a fully inclusive studio, but I felt something was still missing. My business wasn’t eco-friendly enough.

Creating an Eco-friendly line of instruments and accessories has been a huge challenge, especially when it comes to bows and cases. Fibreglass and carbon-fibre are extremely common in the manufacturing of cases and bows, including my own violin case. These items cannot be recycled and there are few alternatives available. Products designed for my animal conscious clients are also made of fibreglass and other environmentally unfriendly plastics and compounds. It is important to me that my products protect both the earth and animal welfare.

Despite cuts to vital income for my home-based business, I have removed all unethical and toxic products from the Enlightened Audio store. I am working 7 days a week to develop and even manufacture my own eco-friendly line of instruments, cases, bows, rosins, and accessories. New products will be posted in our store as they become available so stay tuned!

Old instruments wanted!

I will take violins, violas, and cellos in ANY CONDITION to refurbish for students. I can also accept bows, shoulder rests, and cases. If you wish to send me an old instrument, please feel free to contact me.

Let’s compose a better world!

Kindest Regards,

About Laura Nadine

Laura Nadine – Founder and Teacher at Enlightened Audio

I was 3 years old when I was first introduced to the stage. With an older sister that danced company I was in a dance studio almost daily. I was nearly 4 when I danced my first recital, showing no reservations as I waved to the audience.

Dance was an exhilarating experience but I just couldn’t let go of what seemed like an in-born desire to play the violin. At age 10 I got my chance and started taking private lessons with my life long mentor Stefanie Graef Rollins Carr. Within 6 months of starting lessons I won my first competition. From there I continued to charge forward playing concertmaster, often featured as a soloist, and winning two state level competitions in performance and composition. At age 14 I was the youngest seated principal chair of the Rome Symphony Orchestra where my original work Largo and Allegro was performed. By age 15 I had a small roster of private students and I have continued to teach students worldwide.

As an Autism Advocate I have worked to bring music to students with disabilities. It was Dr. Shinichi Suzuki that said, “Every child can learn,” a philosophy I hold at the centre of my teaching approach. I began a music program at The Hirsch Academy, a school in Decatur, Georgia for students with special needs. Ever since then I have continued to take on students with disabilities and complex motor needs, many who take lessons online using a webcam.

I continue to feed my hunger for music by Challenging myself to learn new instruments. Over the years I have learned viola, cello, piano and guitar, and recently started learning to play drums and trombone.  I also enjoy my work as a filmmaker, and author.  In my free time, I volunteer as the team photographer for the Leaside Flames, a AA youth hockey team coached by my talented husband Brian Dooley.  I can’t imagine living a life without music and creativity.

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