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Embracing Neurodiversity

Every human should have access to the the tools and teachers to bring the experience of music education to their hearts.

Neurodiversity is the key to building a pedagogy that truly embraces the idea that any child can learn to play music. Presuming competence is at the heart of Enlightened Audio.

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Exploring Music

October 16, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Want to learn to play violin, cello or piano? Always wanted to try before committing to lessons? Afraid that your age or learning style might inhibit you?

Laura Nadine is a music teacher with 27 years experience. She has worked with students with all kinds of learning differences and has even developed a MusicBoard for non-speakers based on her experience with S2C and RPM. Come to a safe space to explore music! We will have violins, cello and a piano to try. This class is friendly to LGBTQ+ families too.

All attendees will be given one ticket for our raffle drawing. Winner will receive 2 free private lessons!

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Exceptional experience! High quality educator with ample knowledge which she excitedly share in each and every lesson. My daughter has thrived in each class and has developed a passion and talent for the violin that is impressive! Highly recommend Teacher Laura’s classes.
Janet R., Parent

We have absolutely loved this class. Laura is so warm and patient with the kids. In addition, she made tremendous progress with them through the weeks in class. We are extremely pleased with what our student was able to accomplish.

Angela D., Parent

Excellent class and teacher! My girls love this classes and want to continue to the next level every time is over. They learned a lot of new skills and music. I highly recommend Laura.

Annon, Parent

I was blown away by how Laura was able to teach the kids to get comfortable with handling the violin and introduce sheet music from the beginning in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. She was beyond patient and incredibly helpful with giving pointers to improve sound, etc. my son is excited to continue learning and move onto the next level.

Kim I., Parent

It is hard to imagine being taught violin online (especially for beginners) but Ms. Nadine does it! She is a skilled teacher, fun, captivating, and provides individual attention and feedback. My son adores her class and cannot wait for the next session!

Annon., Parent

FANTASTIC class and teacher! I was super nervous about having my daughter start lessons online but she’s been waiting since kindergarten to be able to do 4th grade instruments. Pandemic schmandemic! Ms. Nadine made this a great experience and I have never been so happy to be surprised!

Michele D., Parent

Ms Laura is an absolute gem, not only has my son started loving violin because of her, he actually looked forward to her classes. Wednesdays (when he had her class) was the only day I didnt have to drag him out of bed to finish up his schoolwork before her class. She is patient, kind and in Enzos words (goofy).. My son will definitely be doing more of her classes. If you have a kid who has ADHD this is the teacher for your kiddo.

Chantal M., Parent