Laura Nadine
Laura NadineProgram Director & Teacher
I understand first hand the struggles and triumphs of living with autism. I have spent nearly 15 years advocating for a neurodiverse educational model after my son and I were diagnosed with Autism in 2006. I’ve developed an approach for teaching music to students with various learning profiles and recently invented a MusicBoard, inspired by facilitated communication, to make composition and music theory accessible to non-speaking students.

I run Enlightened Audio, an online and in-person hybrid music school with a mission to make music education accessible. In March of 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, I moved to Canada and utilised the time of isolation to develop an eco-friendly product line of string instruments, non-toxic violin conditioner, and a violin case that is fully compostable. As I work to launch my innovative, eco-friendly product line, I continue a 30-year long career as a music educator.

I have self-published two books, recorded various albums, and was the main subject of the biographical documentary, The Shadow Listener: A Voice for Autism directed by John Schaefer. I also compose music for film including the Astoria Zuker Award winning documentary LISTEN. I continue to post on my blog The Shadow Listener at where I provide the layered perspective of someone living with autism, teaching autistc students, and raising a son with autism––what I call a ”3 Shoes Perspective”.

I live in Toronto, Ontario with my husband Brian and my two geriatric cats. My now grown children, Allana and Chey, are navigating young adult life in New York City and Toronto respectively.

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