Laura Nadine
Laura NadineProgram Director & Teacher
I was 3 years old when I was first introduced to the stage. With an older sister that danced company I was in a dance studio almost daily. I was nearly 4 when I danced my first recital, showing no reservations as I waved to the audience.

Dance was an exhilarating experience but I just couldn’t let go of what seemed like an in-born desire to play the violin. At age 10 I got my chance and started taking private lessons with my life long mentor Stefanie Graef Rollins Carr. Within 6 months of starting lessons I won my first competition. From there I continued to charge forward playing concertmaster, often featured as a soloist, and winning two state level competitions in performance and composition. At age 14 I was the youngest seated principal chair of the Rome Symphony Orchestra where my original work Largo and Allegro was performed. By age 15 I had a small roster of private students and I have continued to teach students worldwide.

As an Autism Advocate I have worked to bring music to students with disabilities. It was Dr. Shinichi Suzuki that said, “Every child can learn,” a philosophy I hold at the centre of my teaching approach. I began a music program at The Hirsch Academy, a school in Decatur, Georgia for students with special needs. Ever since then I have continued to take on students with disabilities and complex motor needs, many who take lessons online using a webcam.
I continue to feed my hunger for music by Challenging myself to learn new instruments. Over the years I have learned viola, cello, piano and guitar, and recently started learning to play drums and trombone. I also enjoy my work as a filmmaker, and author. In my free time, I volunteer as the team photographer for the Leaside Flames, a AA youth hockey team coached by my talented husband Brian Dooley. I can’t imagine living a life without music and creativity.

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