Group Classes


Group classes are offered online and run in six or eight-week sessions. Students can enroll in as many sessions as they like throughout the school year, which provides students more flexibility as personal and school schedules shift. 

Online learning provides unique benefits and with Enlightened Audio I have strategically structured courses to minimize some of the challenges. To keep students engaged outside of the virtual classroom, weekly practice material such as audio practice tracks, support videos, and other learning materials are posted in a google classroom to better support students through their independent practice times. 

Virtual classrooms support busy parents who need a reprieve from time and money spent on transportation to after school activities, but still want their children to explore new interests. Enlightened Audio is determined to provide a quality music education that is conveniently accessible online. 

Online learning can be a great way to create friendships from a diverse set of communities, including communities often too remote to access resources like music lessons or even traditional school buildings. At Enlightened Audio, I am proud to say that we have reached a number of students in remote areas who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn music, and even better, with friends.

During class, some instructional time is dedicated to catching up and getting to know one another, so students don’t feel like they are in a class of strangers, but rather build supportive friendships and master the collective attitude needed to create music together. 

Every May, students work together to create a group recording of a piece they learned during the school year. This gives them the opportunity to engage with their peers, so they aren’t completely missing out on important social development milestones associated with group projects and peer to peer interaction. 

One 8-week session is $180 per student (20/class plus a $20 materials fee) 3-6 students
Beginner Violin is a 6-week session at $140 per student (20/class plus a $20 materials fee)