I am so excited to announce the Leaside Youth Symphony Orchestra! Leaside United Church has agreed to host our rehearsals. The LSYO is a youth orchestra for string players ages 9-19, and is a disability inclusive setting. Players of all levels are accepted. There are no auditions required to participate, however an assessment by the conductor is necessary to place the player in the proper group.

Participation is free.


Though the instructor is donating time, and the church is donating space, we still must pay for insturance and sheet music. Please help us get started.

If you are interested in getting more information about this orchestras inaugural season for 2022-2023, please click the button below!


Want to sponsor us?

This orchestra is intended to be free to the community, but we do have overhead costs such as insurance, sheet music, music stands,and programs. If you are interested is helping us get off of the ground, please email laura@enlightenedaudio.org.

$30 intro level donation
$50 name in program
$75  ¼ page ad in program
$100 ½ page ad in program
$150  ¾ page ad in program
$250 full page ad in program, small logo on performer’s T-shirt
$500 full colour ad, small logo on performer’s T-shirt
$1,000 full colour ad, inside cover, large logo on performer’s T-shirt

Norman Bernal Memorial Orchestra


 Norman Bernal
Norman Bernal
I first met Norman Bernal when I was 10 years old. He came to our elementary school to test us for the middle school orchestra we would get to play in the next school year. Norman led me through Trickum Middle School Orchestra, the Gwinnett Honor Orchestra, Da Salo Solisti, and the Gwinnett Chamber Orchestra. He was a talented Luthier, and incredibly gifted teacher. He had a huge influence on my teaching style but also taught me how to repair and restore violins. As I grew older, he became a close, family friend.
In September of 2020, Norman passed away from COVID-19. He was 75 years old. The news was brutal, still bringing tears to my eyes as I write this paragraph. This orchestra is meant to honour him and the work he did in music education.

We invite youth and adults from anywhere in the Universe to participate our ONLINE orchestra, designed to bring the beauty of performance to audiences worldwide. Since this is a learning orchestra, there are no auditions. Now in our 2nd season, students are finding it is fun to play in an orchestra with students for all around the world.

Depending on enrollment, the orchestra can be divided into two groups; Orchestra A for beginners, and Orchestra B for more experienced players.

To participate, members will need:

– a computer with a decent microphone
– a webcam for rehearsal participation
– a computer able to run Zoom
– Commitment to daily practice and a few group rehearsals.
– at least 1 year of experience playing your instrument for Orchestra A
– 2 or more years experience for Orchestra B
– Adult orchestra is for players 20 and older.

Players will record their part for concerts using Soundtrap and the conductor will combine them into a final concert piece. The recording will be broadcast for family members.

The suggested donation cost to participate each concert cycle is $50 per student for Enlightened Audio students, and $75 per student for those from outside the school. This will help cover buying sheet music, and rehearsals. A concert cycle is 4 months.