Lesson and Payment Policy

Lesson and Payment Policy (updated 2020-01)

Existing Student Session Information 

I will try to remain as flexible as I can for unexpected life events, however please be kind.

  • Lessons are offered all year.  Regular Session is September through June.  Summer Session is July and August.  Please inform me of holiday activities that might impact lesson attendance as far in advance as you can.  
  • Group lessons are offered.  Classes are offered Saturday.  Please check the classes page of the website to sign up.  The cost of class is not included in your private lesson cost.
  • Our Annual Spring Recital is typically in June .  Online students will have the opportunity to perform in an online recital.  The recital is an additional fee per family and will be announced in the recital sign-up packet.  
  • Materials are provided as needed through me so there is no need to go shopping for materials.  Digital files are provided at no additional cost.  Printed book costs are usually under $15 and I will give you plenty of notice.  
  • Parent/Student conferences are available year round at anytime.  If you have questions or need to talk about progress, feel free to schedule an online consult or meeting at a coffee shop.  I am always willing to chat.

Tuition Guidelines

Current students are already locked into their rate for the year.

  • Tution can be paid by the lesson in cash, or can be paid 4 or more in advance by cash, e-transfer, check or credit card.  If you plan on paying by credit card, please give me advance notice so I can bring the machine.  Until I am a resident of Toronto, e-transfers can be made through Zelle in American $, or to my husband Brian Dooley via Interac in Canadian $.
  • On-Line Students paying by the lesson need to post their payment online at least 30 minutes before the online lesson occurs.  If you are paying by the lesson, I cannot guarantee the same time each week so you will need to check the schedule with me.
  • Invoicing is available.  If you are paying your invoice online through Paypal, an additional $5 fee is added.
  • There are no refunds of tuition. 
  • Late payments occurring after the 15th (fifteenth) of the month or bounced checks will incur a $25 fee.  Please help me keep the school running smoothly by paying tuition on time.
  • I reserve the right to refuse lessons to any student whose accounts are more than 30 days past due.  
  • Accounts with recurrent late penalties will be required to make a non-refundable deposit of $120 before continuing lessons, and they will lose their locked-in tuition rate.

Lesson Policy

  • For online lessons, the teacher will call the student.  I prefer using Zoom.
  • The student should be prepared with the instrument unpacked and tuned.  If you still do not know how to tune, be sure to ask for a tuning tutorial.
  • Tardiness on the part of the student takes from his or her lesson time.  For example, should a student show up 15 minutes late, or answer the call late, the student forfeits that 15 minutes and his or her lesson will end at the scheduled time.
  • In the event of inclement weather that shuts down the local public schools (in-studio lessons) or takes out your internet connection (online lessons), lesson can be rescheduled Should classes be canceled due to inclement weather, make-ups will be scheduled by the teacher.
  • Please use the restroom before lesson!  Interruptions during the lesson make teaching difficult.  Students are also encouraged to bring a bottle of water to sip on during lesson rather than taking breaks during lesson to get water.
  • If a parent needs to talk with the teacher please do so at the BEGINNING of their child’s lesson or schedule a separate time to talk with the teacher.  Please do not take up other students time.

Make-up Policy

Coming to class each week is vital for continued growth in music education. As a teacher, I have only 30 minutes each week to work with a student making our time very valuable. Missing lessons can hurt this progress, especially if missed lessons are numerous or consecutive. However, I do understand that kids get sick. I understand that everyone has a busy schedule, and conflicts can come up suddenly. I offer the following cancellation policy as a courtesy to my students.

Student Missed Lessons

  • Minimum 24 hour notice required.  I understand kids can get sick at the last minute and I try to accommodate this.  But if they are well enough to go to school, or hangout with friends, they are well enough for lesson.
  • Lesson can be rescheduled once: I cannot make-up a missed make-up lesson” and no credit will be issued for student missed lessons.
  • If your child breaks an arm, finger, wrist or any other appendage that interferes with the ability to play the violin for a period less than 3 months, credits for missed lesson will be issued and enrollment will be “paused.”  Once the child recovers, a new lesson time will be scheduled.  If the broken limb will cause the student to be out for more than 3 months, please contact the teacher directly.

  • Prepaid lessons ARE transferable.  If you have prepaid the lessons for the year, such as through the Leslie package,  and do not wish to continue, your lessons can be transferred to another student.  The recipient of the transfer does not have to be a family member and can even be applied as a scholarship to a student in need.
  • If a make-up time cannot be decided upon between the teacher and the student, then the student agrees to forfeit their make-up.
  • I DO NOT MAKE UP NO SHOWS.  We all get busy and sometimes we forget things, but I cannot make-up a lesson you forget about, or fail to cancel in time.

How to Cancel Lesson

  • By sending a text message to the teacher
  • By emailing the teacher
  • In order to keep overhead costs down and provide you with the highest level of attention during lesson, I will not answer the telephone while I am teaching. If you need to speak with me directly, please include ideal call back times in your phone message or see me at the start of your childs lesson. I am easiest to reach by email or text message.

Teacher Missed Lessons

  •  Teacher missed lessons will be made-up.  However, once a make-up time and date has been placed on the schedule and the student forgets or fails to show, it cannot be rescheduled.

Recommended Materials

  • Instrument (that is playable and in good repair).  Enlightened Audio sells well-made, affordable instruments that are hand set to my specifications.
  • Shoulder Rest (I prefer Kun style shoulder rests)
  • Assigned Music material or Suzuki book
  • A music stand for at home practice (Manhasset metal music stands are available through Amazon or Shar Music and last a lifetime. Folding stands are ok too but may have limits.)

Background Check and Homeschool Certifications

Homeschool reporting documents are available to students upon request.  Please do your own research on state or province requirements to be sure my documentation meets your local homeschool reporting laws.

My last background check was completed on 13 July 2019 in the United States.  Please contact me if you have any questions.