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Many people are nervous about the quality of online lessons. While being in a classroom has it’s benefits, online learning can bring a whole new set of tools to the learning experience. By combining the use of tools like google classroom, soundtrap and noteflight, we can interact in online lessons in ways that were not possible in a classroom.

There is no boxed approach here. I use a combination of teaching methods I have acquired over my 27 year teaching career to bring you engaging lessons in the comfort of your home.

Every human should have access to the the tools and teachers to bring the experience of music education to their hearts.

Neurodoversity is the key to building a pedagogy that truly embraces the idea that any child can learn to play music.  I have spent so much time watching people dumb down the joy of music, frustrating the student.  We have to step outside the traditions of music instruction, and bend the rules. Presuming competence is at the heart of Enlightened Audio. I believe every student is capable of learning music, and so I teach, and re-teach, break rules, and turn ideas upside down until the student makes progress.  It is hard work, for both the student and me, but it is wildly rewarding. Watching students grasp a concept gives me unending joy.  But I can’t personally visit every student in the world.  So, I thought about making my ideas more accessible to more people by using the internet to teach.  


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