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Online, In-Studio or Hybrid?

Choosing the format for lessons is very important and is truly based on several factors; the learning style and personality of the student, the type of home support, and age, just to name a few.

Learning in person certinaly allows the teacher to provide hand-over-hand correction which can be vital to some students. In-studio lessons also allow the teacher and student to play together, something online lag prevents us from doing in virtual lessons. No one questions the proven track record of learning in person. Students who come into my studio will get my undivided attention.

Many people are nervous about the quality of online lessons. While being in a classroom has its benefits, online learning can bring a whole new set of tools to the learning experience. By combining the use of tools like google classroom, soundtrap and noteflight, we can interact in online lessons in ways that add dimension to the classes while allowing students to learn from a space in which they are already comfortable.  Access to a good home computer, proper sound and light, and a strong internet connection are just a few things we must assess when looking at online learning. There is no boxed approach. I use a combination of teaching methods I have acquired over my 30 year teaching career to bring you engaging lessons in the comfort of your home.

Some students enjoy the felxibility of hybrid lessons.  Your lesson time is available to you in studio or on-line. This way students who are feeling ill, having a rough week, or can’t find a ride to lesson don’t have to cancel their class and interupt their progress. Pick what works best for your family from week-to-week.


$35per lesson
  • No deposit required
  • Some Instructional material included

1 hour

$70per lesson
  • No deposit required
  • Some Instructional material included


$5250per lesson
  • No deposit required
  • Personalised video feedback